All Nations Grand River Water Walk

In September 2018, Mary Anne Caibaiosai, along with her sisters and nephew, led the community in walking and praying for the Grand River. This is their journey.

The Veterinarian – Preview

This is a taste of my upcoming short about Veterinarian Edgar Rangel and his mission to revolutionize the goat milk industry in Peru.

End of Days Behind the Scenes

I often theorize about the end of the world, so it was a blast to work with Steamworld Entertainment on their short apocalyptic film “End of Days.” I put together this behind the scenes short to capture the experience.

<p><a href=”″>End of Days BTS</a> from <a href=””>SteamWorld Entertainment</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Against the Grain

Every hour of Denika’s day is full. From morning till night she’s either taking care of her kids, going to school, going to work or working on her own business. She’s busy, but that won’t stop her.

Canada Day

Have you ever wondered who makes sure your fireworks won’t explode the moment you light them? This video, made for Canadian Geographic, explores the Canadian Explosives Research Laboratory, and the work scientists do there to keep Canadians safe when they celebrate.

See it on the Canadian Geographic website:

Remembrance Day Ceremony 2014

A video of the  2014 Remembrance Day Ceremony at the Halifax Naval Memorial. This was filmed and edited for my TV Workshop at the University of King’s College.

Recycling Wray

A TV news piece about a man who makes his living collecting others’ recycling. This was filmed and edited for my TV Workshop at the University of King’s College.

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